PMO Setup & Management

A Project Management Office (PMO) maximises the success and coordination of your projects.

A PMO will improve the quality, governance and the successful delivery of your projects within your organisation. It brings transparency in your resource capacity planning and is an enabler to prioritisation of your projects and programs. Umbrella PMC consultants have the experience and knowledge to guide our clients through this change and set up.

Umbrella PMC also have the competences to choose what PMO-tool is best for you. As we are software-independent, we can advise our customers objectively and based on our experiences, based on the project maturity of your organisation.

We cover a variety of topics in the setup process, looking at how best a PMO can fit into your business.

1. Evidence Gathering – Capability Maturity Model

  • Review the state of projects within the business
  • Review stakeholder engagement
  • Review success/failure rate of projects

2. Share and discuss PMO concepts

  • Meet with key stakeholders, functional heads, PM’s
  • Present and discuss the key principles and attributes of the PMO
  • Identify any existing frustrations
  • Identify potential candidates to run the PMO

3. Propose and Agree PMO Framework

  • Business case development – IRCAIS (Improve Revenue, avoid Cost, Improve Service)
  • Project Mobilisation – onboarding, communications, sponsors
  • Project Tracking – issues, risks, progress, spend, and schedule
  • Project artifacts using collaboration and planning tools

4. Retrofit and forward planning

  • Take some key example projects and fit to the framework
  • Review some key proposals and plan them through to delivery
  • Look at how projects are categorised, grouped and prioritised using our OPS model (Operational, Portfolio, Strategic)
  • Prove reporting and communication mechanisms are functioning

5. Follow up and Tidy-up x 2

  • Review the works to date and monitor the team
  • Make small adjustments where required
  • Complete a satisfaction survey

Taking this step by step approach allows you to fully understand the value a great PMO creates, it will provide you with confidence that your PMO operates with the same value system that exists within your business, it will build trust and collaboration across the business, and most importantly will ensure that the chosen projects are delivered successfully in a manner that is repeatable.