Project Management Consultancy

Our Project Management services are classified into three typical stages.


A Conceptual Services

  • Define project objectives and constraints (user requirements, design goals).
  • Assist in site evaluation, selection, and acquisition.
  • Develop conceptual/preliminary budget.
  • Prepare conceptual "Milestone" schedule.
  • Assist Owner in evaluation and selection of Architect/Engineer. Define scope of services.
  • Interface with local municipalities regarding planning and permits.
  • Risk identification and mitigation. Evaluate project insurance requirements.
  • Define project delivery system traditional design/bid/build, phased fast track, project manager, multiple prime contracts, design/build, and guaranteed maximum price.
  • Review "Constructability" and "Project Phasing" issues.
  • Assist Owner in selection and qualification of the Contractor.
  • Develop "partnering" program.

B Design Development Phase Services

  • Review cost estimates at schematic, design development, and 95% completion of final design and contract document development.
  • Monitor design progress.
  • Review/refine Project "Milestone" Schedule and prepare "Master Project Schedule."

C Contract Document Phase Services

  • Conduct Owner reviews of drawings and specifications.
  • Review/advise on preparation of project contracts.
  • Review/prepare bid packages.
  • Review/refine "Master Project Schedule" for inclusion of "Milestone Dates" into contract documents.
  • Develop scheduling and contract administration clauses for inclusion into the contract documents.

D Bidding Phase Services

  • Pre-qualification of contractors.
  • Compare and analyze bids and proposals. Assist in contractor selection and award.
  • Assist in contract negotiations.
  • Evaluate stage wise program requirements.


  • Conduct pre-project conference.
  • Review and implement independent testing procedures with Architect/Engineer and Contractor.
  • Develop and monitor shop drawing review schedule with Architect/Engineer and Contractor.
  • Review Contractor's "As Planned" project schedule and procurement schedule.
  • Develop and maintain "Management Summary" and "As-Built" schedules.
  • Monitor project progress and conduct progress meetings with Architect/Engineer and Contractor.
  • Review Contractor's resource loaded schedule and monthly schedule updates.
  • Monitor timeliness of Architect/Engineer responses to "Requests for Information" (RFI).
  • Administer project progress payments.
  • Track actual costs versus budgeted costs, recommend cost reduction and control measures.
  •  Review project correspondence, change orders, and claim submittal. Make recommendations to Owner for resolution of claims and disputes.
  • Coordinate and review "change orders" and evaluate cost and time impacts to the project.
  • Develop and maintain a "Punch List" in conjunction with Architect/Engineer.


A Project Close-Out

  • Finalize the "As-Built" schedule.
  • Monitor and administer "Project Close-Out Activities" including Architect/Engineer's issuance of certificates of substantial completion, as-built drawings, completion of punch list work scopes, start-up and commissioning of systems, coordination of final lien waivers, and submittal by contractor of guarantees/warranties along with operation and maintenance manuals, coordination of final "walk-through" inspections.
  • Coordinate and schedule Owner occupancy.
  • Review Contractor's application for final payment.

B Project Defects

  • Defects investigations and identification of critical repairs.
  • Documentation of findings.
  • Coordination of destructive/nondestructive testing methods.
  • Coordination of remediation and repairs.